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Jesus really IS coming soon...
Jesus really IS coming soon...
M16 Hellrazer

I know, I know...what on earth am I trying to say with this page? Well, you'll have to know two things in order to understand (and in no way am I trying to be condescending!)

First, you'll have to know the definition of "raze!"

Second, please read Matthew chapter 16 (M16). 

With all of that, may I suggest that there are times when knowing WHERE Jesus taught may be as important as WHAT He taught! 

Where was Jesus when He had the conversation with His disciples about whao folks thought He was? We all know Peter's response. Jesus said that He would build His church and the "gates of hell" (hades) would or could not prevail against it!

There is much more I will share soon, but here's the point! 

Christ - followers CAN come against the powers of darkness and there is nothing that can stop us! We CAN storm the gates of hell and take back prisoners of war satan is holding captive through his lies. 

And, here's how -

When we RAISE praise, we RAZE hell!

Again, more about this later...